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Culvert Proof Loads(A)
Culvert Proof Loads(B)
Maximum Fills
Nomograph - Culverts Inlet Control
Nomograph - Culverts Outlet Control


Maximum Fills

In the simplified approach the earth loading has been reduced to four combinations of foundation and installation conditions, namely:
  • Condition 1: Culverts in trench on unyielding foundation with no projection.
  • Condition 2: Culverts un-trenched on yielding foundation.
  • Condition 3: Culverts un-trenched on unyielding foundation for H>1.7B
  • Condition 4: Culverts un-trenched on unyielding foundation for H<1.7B

    Where H - fill height in metres
    B - if trenched overall trench width, or if un-trenched overall culvert width, in metres.