Concrete Units was formed in 1987 to take over the operations of MC Precast who were a division of Marine Civil and who had been set up to make the precast concrete items, such as breakwater armour units and precast jetty components, used by Marine Civil to build breakwaters and harbours.

Using the equipment needed to handle the heavy and complicated precast units needed for marine construction projects, Concrete Units increased its range of precast products to include special items such as fascia panels for cladding buildings, stadium seating, bridge beams, supports for the dry docking of ships, concrete rings for jacking under roads, large diameter sewer pipes lined with HDPE and sea wall defence units.

Although primarily focused on helping customers requiring the construction of special and difficult precast projects, Concrete Units entered the market for standard precast products such as SANS pipes and portal culverts, road barriers and retaining wall units.

In 2014, Concrete Units used their experience of casting and handling heavy precast units to become the first company in Africa to make concrete towers for wind farms. With the current South African crisis of energy shortage, it is expected that the concrete tower market has a major growth potential.

Supplying high quality, acceptable products is of paramount importance to Concrete Units and, before leaving the company’s manufacturing facilities, products are put through the rigorous performance tests required by the SABS (the South African Bureau of Standards) or by the client’s product specifications. The company’s production quality standards have been awarded the International Standards Organisation (ISO) 9001:2015 Quality Management System certificate. Caring for the safety of its employees and for the environment is as equally important to the company as supplying high quality products, and the company has been awarded the Environmental Management System certificate ISO 14001:2015 and the Occupational Health & Safety certificate ISO 45001:2018. 

Satisfying one’s clients is the key to staying a successful company. Supplying high quality products is just a part of Concrete Units’ offerings, and the company helps clients by offering advice ranging from the CAD design of precast units to the installation of the units.


Using precast concrete can offer unusual solutions to construction problems and can lead to savings in construction times. Concrete Units has won numerous awards – Fulton Awards, Concrete Masonry Association Awards and South African Institution of Civil Engineering Awards – for their achievements and excellence in the use of concrete.